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New Pics Of Me

Daniel is getting pretty good with the camera, huh!!


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Christmas 2006

Two Of A Kind
Just what he needed
My mom glad that it is all over

Ahhh Me!!
Earning her keep, lol

Getting caught on camera
Losts More Gifts at Grandmas

Wrestling Ring
Gameboy Micros
Cell Phone (Look at that face)
Photo Album

Markers and Color Pencils
Makeup and Sketch Pads
Smell Good
Digital Camera

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Our Forest

We decided to do a forest this year. Not really sure why. I guess I am just trying to get into the Christmas mood. Who knows maybe it will work.

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Pictures To Share

I took these a week or so ago and just have not gotten around to putting them up here.

For some reason I love railroad tracks.

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Merry Christmas

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More of Me

I decided to dye my hair purple so I got a little brave and took some more pictures. This was the only one I liked so I did different things with it.

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Self Portrait

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