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I got the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor through the mail from Stephanie!!

She even put a really sweet note in it!! Thank you so much Stephanie!!!!

Now I just have to order the test sticks.


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Our bad luck continues…..

Today has been a horrible day and well it just gets worse……

we had a flat tire in the way home!!! A guy was riding beside us pointing to our tire. We got to Flying J and it was completly flat. I am so supprised that it did not blow out. Daniel was able to put a plug in it and we did make it home.

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and I did not have any problems out of them. Their beds have been in storage for eight months and they have been sharing a double bed. I bought them a new comforter and sheets and etc… and they were so glad to have their own space. Their room is the only clean on in the house right now. I hope to have everything unpacked and put away by Sunday.

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Bad Day

Today started out bad as soon as I got out of bed and realized that we were running late. I just feel really down and fell like all of my efforts are going un noticed. I know I am having a pitty party but I just can not help it. I just feel like crying and I am not sure why. I am on CD-27 & 10-DPO. I will test Monday if AF doesn’t show her ugly head. She more than likley will though. I do not feel optimistic about much of anything right now. Marsha stayed home today because she fell asleep doing her homework and did not get it finished. It is her own fault though. She has at least three hours in the afternoon at my moms to do her homework and she will not do it. She waits till we get home at around 8pm. I feel like I am giving her permission to not do it cause I let her stay home, but I would feel worse if I sent her and she got a bad grade. I am punishing her though. I told her that she could not go to soccer this weekend. That is the only thing that I can take away from her that she loves. There is nothing else she really cares about.

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Old Photo

I took this picture around this time last year and just never did anything with it. I found it the other day and decided to play with it and now I love it.

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If you know me you know that I love to take pictures of clouds. I find them so amazing and beautiful. Here are a few I got after leaving the Wal-Mart on Lakeland Dr. on Sunday.

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Aarons Soccer Tournment

Aaron’s team won all of their soccer games on Sat. and went to the finals on Sun. They lost that game by one point in sudden death overtime. They did wonderful!! Click on each picture to make it bigger.

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