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Daddies Grave….

We went to see my daddies grave this afternoon. I have been missing him more than usual latley. His birthday is July 8th, he would have been 82. I always start missing him more around this time. I pray that he is looking our for me through my TTC journey.
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I am now on the two week wait!! I pray that I am pregnant and it is in my uterus and not in my tubes!! If anyone reads this please pray for this also!!
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This sign was hanging in my doctors offie Monday and I thought it was really cute so of course I took a picture of it. I thought I would share it with everyone!!
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My boys have decided that they wanted to be in style like some of their friends so they wanted what they called a “swoosh” haircut. The bangs are long where they can swoosh it aside and the sides and back are really short. I think it is so funny how kids start early wanted to do their own thing!!

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First I wanted to say congrats to Carrie (My wonderful sister-in-law) and Chris!! They are expecting baby #5 and I am super happy for them. I have some really cute pics of their kids but I can not put them online because they do not want their childrens pics online and I completly understand and back them 100%. But I can say they are all cuties and I love them so much!! I got to be there when the last two were born!! Hopefully they will give me that honor again!!

Also I wanted to say Congrats to Amanda & Mac they are expecting their first baby together!! I am super happy for you guys and I wish you the best!!

All you pregnant ladies out there need to send some
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting my way!! I think it is in the air!! Hopefully it will not take long for us to get a Big Fat Positive!!
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My Forecast….

This is my forecast for today:
“Forecast for Sagittarius
by Your Astrologer, Kelli Fox, and Astrology.com
June 26, 2006: You are at an important intersection in life, and the light in front of you has been red for a very long time. It’s understandable if you’re getting antsy to get going, but before you do anything rash, take a long look at your surroundings. Things are going on around you that will easily explain the delay — and help your patience grow. It’s not time to move ahead right now in any type of relationship — legal, professional, romantic or otherwise. “
I am not really sure what to say about this. This could mean so many things for me except the relationship part because I am very happly married and plan to stay that way!! This does give me some good ideas!! Anyone else have any ideas!!?

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I am in a really bad mood and can not really explain why. (A little to personal) I am frustrated with so many things. My bad decisions mostly!! You know those life lessons that are the kind you have to learn the hard way. I went to the doctor today and she clipped the suture knots from my surgery for me. I was suppose to do it but I was scared I would cut my belly off. She was so supportive and said she would do what ever I needed (as far as tests and stuff) to help!! The one piece of advice she gave me was NO STRESS!! OMG how in the world to you get rid of stress!! I have been practiceing breathing to try to relieve stress. It is so crazy to think how easy it was for me to get pregnant with my three children and now how much work it seems to be taking. Just the presure of doing “IT” at the right time is stressful!! If anyone has any advice please feel free to leave me a comment. Of course I am only hurting myself stressing over things. Well I guess it is hurting my family in the long run to. Everyone that reads this please put us on your prayer list!! I really appreciate everyone that reads my blog!!

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